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b0b体育app下载:Growth Instability of 2D Materials on Non-Euclidean Surfaces


Zhili Hu, Minmin Xue, Zhuhua Zhang,* Wanlin Guo, and Boris I. Yakobson.

b0b体育app下载:          ACS Nano., (2023


Chemical growth of two-dimensional (2D) materials with controlled morphology is critical to bring their tantalizing properties to fruition. However, the growth must be on a substrate, which involves either intrinsic or intentionally introduced undulation, at a scale significantly larger than the materials thickness. Recent theory and experiments showed that 2D materials grown on a curved feature on substrates can incur a variety of topological defects and grain boundaries. Using a Monte Carlo method, we herein show that 2D materials growing on periodically undulated substrates with nonzero Gaussian curvature of practical relevance follow three distinct modes: defect-free conformal, defect-free suspension and defective conformal modes. The growth on the non-Euclidean surface can accumulate tensile stress that gradually lifts the materials from substrates and progressively turns the conformal mode into a suspension mode with increasing the undulation amplitude. Further enhancing the undulation can trigger Asaro?Tiller?Grinfield growth instability in the materials, manifested as discretely distributed topological defects due to strong stress concentration. We rationalize these results by model analyses and establish a “phase” diagram for guiding the control of growth morphology via substrate patterning. The undulation-induced suspension of 2D materials can help understand the formation of overlapping grain boundaries, spotted quite often in experiments, and guide how to avoid them.

Link:  https://doi.org/10.1021/acsnano.3c00661





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